Available on Amazon: "Trickster" and "The Dating Jungle"

by - Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My artwork is featured in two different books both available on Amazon.com

I created the cover art and chapter illustrations for a book by Russ Stevenson titled: The Dating Jungle. This book reveals the secrets to animal magnetism. By discovering your animal personality you'll have the power to make better relationship decisions. See how our personal lives can benefit from the untold secrets of our animal friends. 

I also illustrated one of the comics in the first graphic anthology of Native American folklore titled: Trickster. All cultures have tales of the trickster — a crafty creature or being who uses cunning to get food, steal precious possessions, or simply cause mischief. He disrupts the order of things, often humiliating others and sometimes himself. In Native American traditions, the trickster takes many forms, from coyote or rabbit to raccoon or raven, and I am proud to have my illustrations included in this entertaining collection of stories.

PS - If you buy both books, you'll be eligible for FREE shipping!  ;)

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