Loteria de Amor!

by - Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tonight (July 7, 2010) at the The Palace of Wonders on H Street is...

Loteria de Amor!
What's that you may be asking...
Well, Loteria is the Mexican version of bingo and instead of being played with letters and numbers it’s played with pictures. 54 celbutantes from the DC/Baltimore art world (including yours truly) were asked to create a Loteria image and the games will be played tonight and in between games, the Metro area’s biggest burlesque and vaudeville stars will perform acts based on the Loteria images.

1210 H St., N.E..
Doors at 6:00 PM,
pre-Show with Lucha Liberace 8:30 PM,
Show 9:00 PM.
Admission is $10 and includes one free game.

If you can't make it tonight the next event will be August 11th!
Mark your calendar!

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