Dana Ellyn

by - Friday, January 11, 2013

It's the end of another week and time to write about another artist I know...


Next up is Dana Ellyn.  I met Dana through Matt Sesow and she is another popular artist in the DC area.  She is always smiling and very friendly. You can tell that she loves what she does.   

Dana does not shy away from controversy and most of her paintings are political and/or religious. All of them have stories to tell and she is fearless in her delivery. I believe that the true test of art is how successful it is at evoking an emotion from the viewer. It doesn't have to be a good feeling but it should make you feel something. Dana's message is always loud and powerful and I really respect her fearlessness. However, what I enjoy most is the "bad puns" she often uses for the titles of her paintings. Dana's art may punch you in the gut but her titles often provide a punchline that leaves you smiling. 

To see more of Dana's work, visit:

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