Matt Sesow

by - Thursday, January 03, 2013

One of my new year resolutions is to post more on this blog. (we shall see how it goes) I've decided to not only post about myself but also write about some of the other artists I know. A feature of my fellow artist friends every Friday (or whenever I can find the time)...

First up, I would like to introduce you to Matt Sesow.  Matt is a Washington DC artist known for his raw and vivid paintings that pack a punch of emotion. I first met Matt in 2002 at Artomatic - which was one of my first exhibits. He had his work on display in a room close to mine and had filled his wall from top to bottom with his artwork. It was opening night and he was sitting on the floor laying out even more paintings! My first impression was that this was a guy who is prolific!

I didn't really get to know Matt until a few years later after commenting on his posts on the forum and continuing to bump into him at other art events like the Adams Morgan Day Festival. Despite the "angry" energy of his art he is actually a very easy-going and likeable guy with a great sense of humor.

Matt is a nonconformist. He doesn't own a car and he lives in a studio apartment that is more studio than apartment. He even took out his stove to make more room for painting! Although he has exhibited internationally he prefers selling outside of galleries. He talks frankly about his work and keeps his prices very low.

I really admire Matt's loose and sketchy style and his commitment to creating an ever-growing body of work. Check out his latest available paintings at:

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