Life is busy... take a beer break!

by - Friday, March 01, 2013

Tomorrow evening (March 2nd) at 7:30pm is the closing reception party at the ArtDC Gallery for the "WhoDunit" art exhibit... (Click here for details.)  Also tomorrow evening at 7:30pm is the opening reception at the Open Hearth Foundation for the "Hail All the Gods and Goddesses" art exhibit... (Click here for details.)

In addition to art exhibits and a bunch of freelance projects I have also put my house on the market and it has a pending contract so it looks like Auger Artwork Studios will be moving this year!

With all this excitement and running around it's nice to sometimes take a break.  I don't often drink beer, but when I do I enjoy a nice Amber from Dungeness Brewing Company. One of my clients, Mic Sager, was nice enough to send me some sample product of his tasty microbrew. The label features my illustration of a dungeness crab bench-pressing a keg.  Cheers!    

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