Sean Hennessey

by - Friday, March 22, 2013

It's the end of another busy week and I'd like to take a moment to write about another amazing artist I know: Sean Hennessey

This is an example of the unusual artwork Sean creates:

See my last post for a photo of Sean being awarded the Bowling Pin of Excellence Award. Many things make me think of Sean... lightbulbs, plugs, doors, locks, lost coffee and good cognac to name a few.  

I forget the first time I met Sean but it was probably at Artomatic or an event.  However, shortly after I became a full-time freelance artist in the summer of 2006 I had the opportunity to work with Sean on a large faux finishing project he needed an extra hand with. He showed me how to create faux stone and how to apply gold leaf in a classic damask pattern. Using these techniques we transformed the bare walls of a newly built mansion in Potomac, MD into a truly elegant home. It was not only a great opportunity to learn new artistic techniques but also a chance to get to know Sean better. 

Many artists are on the wild and bohemian side but Sean is the antithesis of this stereotype. He is professional and dependable and has a zen-like calm. Sean is a soft-spoken guy who has strong opinions but prefers to listen rather then preach. However, he is quick to offer good advice and encouragement and has an earnest appreciation for many different kinds of art.    

Sean is an explorer. He experiments with new mediums and incorporates the skills he has mastered as a set designer and faux finisher into his artwork. I have watched his sculptures evolve to incorporate a growing number of materials including concrete, steel, glass, paint, even LED lighting!  I have no idea what he'll do next but I am certain that it will be fascinating and I look forward to being surprised.  

See more of Sean's artwork at: 

And, follow his blog at:

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