Offbeat Artwork for Sale!

by - Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Don't let the pandemic prevent you from collecting some fun, new art!  

Please visit my website - - to buy original paintings and/or commission special custom pieces. In addition, below are a few links to other websites where you can find quality products with my offbeat designs. I greatly appreciate you taking a look!  #SupportLocalArtists


Spoonflower is a website that prints tablecloths and other custom fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. A few of my offbeat designs are currently available and I'll be adding more soon!


Pixels is a website where you can buy all sorts of different products including t-shirts, home decor, greeting cards, smart phone cases, and many other products featuring my offbeat art! 

Turning Art

Turning Art is a website that allows you to rent artwork. I have print versions of some of my paintings that you can rent and try out before buying the original.

Art on the Ave.

Art on the Ave. is usually one of my biggest events, but instead of the annual one-day festival in Virginia, this year there is an online portal you can use now, through the holidays!


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